Jessie Lee & The Alchemists


Singer/guitarist Jessie Lee Houllier and guitarist/composer Alexis Didier (alias Mr. Al) first crossed paths on the Paris blues scene in 2011. A year later, they were performing together, first playing blues-rock covers and then their own songs. Excited by both song-writing and performing, they decided to put a band together that would reflect all their musical influences.

So, in 2014, a solid rhythm section was added to back Jessie Lee’s powerful vocals and Alexis’s lead guitar work. The duo became a quartet with a hardy new groove laid down by Laurent Cokelaere on bass and Julien Audigier on drums. Soon after they were joined by Laurian Daire on keyboards, adding a subtle finishing touch to the alchemy of the band.

Although they cover three generations, all five band members grew up listening to American and British music. So it was only natural that this became the source of their inspiration and energy. Together they perform original songs that reflect their different musical backgrounds, a well-balanced blend of blues, soul, rock and jazz. Influences from the past drive their creativity, but their music is unmistakably modern and original.

After three years and a multitude of concerts, a debut album became a necessity and finally saw the day on April 13, 2018.